My Favorite Plants: Geranium “Rozanne”

Geranium “Rozanne” with Angelonia

What if I told you could have a plant that flowers nonstop from early summer to frost, doesn’t need deadheading, and comes back every year? You’d have to have it, right? I know I did.  I first saw Geranium “Rozanne” in my sister Laura’s garden.  I immediately fell in love with its pretty purple flowers with white centers. When she told me Rozanne just keeps on flowering all summer, I was hooked.  I planted one in my own garden, and now I plant it everywhere.

Voted “Perennial Plant of the Year” in 2008,  Rozanne was discovered in the garden of Donald and Rozanne Waterer in Somerset, England.  When the Waterers offered the plant to Adrian Bloom, owner of Blooms of Bressingham, he  saw  Rozanne’s potential. and began propagating the plant by tissue culture.

River of Geranium Rozanne, Elm Bank

Rozanne also  has a Massachusetts  connection.  Adrian Bloom designed The Bressingham Garden at Elm Bank in Wellesley,  home of the Massachusetts Horticulture Society.  On a recent visit there. I enjoyed  seeing Bloom’s “rivers” of  Rozanne. edged with Black-Eyed Susan and  Miscanthus “Morning Light”.

When growth begins in the spring, Rozanne forms a mound 12-24 inches high. As the season goes on it relaxes down and creeps through and around other plants in the garden., spreading as far as 4 to 5 feet.  Because of this habit, it makes a great filler or container  plant.  Give it plenty of room at the base and  cut back the wayward trailers if it gets out of hand. A mid-summer haircut will renew the plant and keep her attractive for the rest of the season if she starts looking ratty. Roseanne  grows best in well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Once established, she can be quite drought tolerant.


About villagegardener

Cindy Hollett is a Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist, Estate Gardener and Garden Designer, living and working on Cape Cod.
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3 Responses to My Favorite Plants: Geranium “Rozanne”

  1. I love this plant too, and now we have it in three areas of our front garden in Toronto Canada.

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